About Us

Why we do what we do.

Somewhere in Michigan, a young Jewish couple watches their dream of having a family slip away, because they can’t afford the in vitro fertilization that would make it possible. An elderly man and his wife, who should be rejoicing over his successful heart surgery, are instead devastated by incoming medical bills. And an entrepreneur with a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity lacks the funds to make her dream a reality.   

Hebrew Free Loan was created for these people and thousands more like them in the Jewish community. We’re here to help with Gemilut Chasadim — Acts of Loving Kindness.

By providing interest-free loans, we help people help themselves with dignity and respect.

They in turn will help others by repaying those loans, regenerating funds for someone else’s time of need. An amazing 98.5% payback rate stands as a testament to the commitment and honor of our loan recipients. 

Everyone at Hebrew Free Loan was incredibly kind, and now we have Pearl.

- Rachel and Aaron Schwartz, who received a personal loan from HFL to pay for in vitro fertilization.