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5 Ways to Figure Out Which College is Right For You

January 27th, 2015

Going to college is a huge step and figuring out which one is right for you can be overwhelming. There is so much to think about – what are you going to choose for your major? What kind of school do you want to attend? Where do you want to live?


Here are 5 things to think about before making your choice.

1. Understand the College Application Process

Before you begin your journey, be sure that you have a clear understanding of the college application process. Chances are, the process is quite different than when your parents and older siblings applied to school. We love this link from Big Future: The College Board that answers all kinds of questions from “Should you apply early?” to “What is the Common Application?”


2. Visit the Colleges that Interest You

Colleges can look perfect on paper, but it is imperative to visit your top schools to see how each feels. Do you like the location of the college? What do you think of the dorms? Does the class size feel right to you? We like this post at My Majors that helps you focus on the important aspects of your college visit. The post suggests taking pictures and making a list, especially when you like aspects you didn’t expect to like.


3. Think About the Cost

College is an investment and can be costly. Although tuition is a huge part of the bill, room and board along with books and meal plans can add up quickly. Although traditional student loans can be helpful, the interest can be expensive and take a very long time to repay. Consider applying to Hebrew Free Loan’s William Davidson Jewish College Loan Program. We can help qualifying Jewish students who are Michigan residents pay for higher education with an interest-free loan.


4. Figuring Out Your Major

Think about your passion and what lights you up inside! Not sure how that can translate into a degree? Gianna Sen-Gupta has some great tips on how to take your passion and make it into a degree. She talks about taking a good look at your core values: Do you like to help people? Or do you enjoy problem solving? She also recommends talking to advisors and going to a career service center to evaluate your interests. JVS is one of Hebrew Free Loan’s community resource partners, and they can help you define your passion and strengths with their Occupational Resource Center.


5. But Don’t Focus Solely on Your Major, Think About How You Feel at the School

Changing your major is likely at some point. It can also be overwhelming to choose a major before starting college. Her Campus recommends finding a campus that feels comfortable and has a strong program for your major, but also has a rich variety of programs in case you want to change. It’s important to have a focus, but be open to being flexible.


Applying to college is an important life decision with lots of factors to consider. When you make your decision, Hebrew Free Loan Detroit looks forward to helping you secure an interest-free loan to help you achieve your higher education goals.


Hebrew Free Loan - 5 Ways to Figure Out What College is Right for You

How Hebrew Free Loan is helping Jewish Families after Flooding in the Metro Detroit Area: Estie Gomez’s story

September 19th, 2014


On Aug. 11, 2014, many southeast Michigan residents were victims of a flood caused by torrential rainstorms.  Many people had to deal with waterlogged basements and destroyed personal, sentimental possessions. The water was so deep in some of these basements that even items carefully placed in plastic bins with lids were ruined.


This was the case of Estie Gomez.


Hebrew Free Loan Metro Detroit Flood Story

Estie Gomez and her family




Estie was coming home from work as her husband was going out to see a client.  As they crossed paths, Estie’s husband told her to call a roofing company since there was a leak in the kitchen ceiling.  The roofer, referred to her by her sister-in-law, was going to come out to take a look at the roof in the next couple of days.  Later on, Estie’s sister-in-law texted her again to say that her basement was flooding.  Estie was so concerned with the roof that she never thought to look in the basement.


Estie told her husband to take a look at the basement.  She heard him say, “Our basement is flooding!”  In disbelief, Estie said, “Don’t joke.”


Her husband responded, “I’m not joking.”  At this point, the water had already reached the top of the bottom step, about six inches.  They both rushed down to the basement to turn off the air conditioner and fuse box.  They were in shock at what they saw.


The baby gear, toys and books were floating in the water.  The mobile Estie used with both of her young children was swirling around in the rising water.


As she was trying to process the horrific scene, a plastic bin filled with her deceased mother’s cookbooks and hand-written recipes tipped over into the water.  Estie was heartbroken to see the irreplaceable family heirlooms drifting in the water.


Hebrew Free Loan Metro Detroit Flood Story

Damage from the flood




The water eventually receded and even though Estie contacted restoration companies, she never heard back.


Their furnace, which was making strange noises, needed to be serviced and they had no hot water.  They tried to relight the pilot light, but could not do it.  A service man came out to relight it and saw the soggy mess in the basement.  He knew someone who could help them clear out their basement and by Friday, they hired the man to help them bring everything up and out of their basement.


By Sunday, Estie and her husband started to sanitize their basement.  They worked with two hoses to rinse away the sewage and proceeded to bleach everything they could such as their silver, cups and glasses.  Boxes of photos and the beloved family recipes were set out to dry.  Unfortunately, many things could not be salvaged such as sweaters, baby clothes and school projects.


Hebrew Free Loan Metro Detroit Flood Story

This was part of the garbage. More bags were added.




Estie was completely overwhelmed with cleaning and sanitizing the basement when the roofer shared his upsetting news: Estie would need to replace the entire roof on their home.


The money they saved for their summer vacation (which was supposed to be that same week) was not enough to cover the roof.  The kids were disappointed about vacation plans being altered and Estie and her husband were frustrated that the time they set aside for vacation and to celebrate their ninth anniversary was going to be spent repairing the house.


Broken and devastated, Estie reached out to Hebrew Free Loan.





The process for the interest-free loan was carried out quickly.  By the end of the week, Estie and her husband had a meeting and were approved for a loan.  The meeting was not just a quick run of numbers; Estie said her family appreciated the warm and compassionate treatment they received. They were treated like people, not just a number, she said.


Hebrew Free Loan was able to lift the weight off of Estie’s shoulders.  With Hebrew Free Loan’s help, they were able to put a new roof on their house.


As of the second week of September, Hebrew Free Loan has approved 36 interest-free loans, which added up to a total of $265,000, for flood victims.  As always, the agency is standing by to assist Jewish families in this time of need and loss.




For more information on how to get help, please visit our website  or call us at 248-723-8184.  We can also be reached via email at


To learn more about our mission, upcoming activities, or other ways we help the Jewish community, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.




Welcome to Our Blog

July 30th, 2012

Things are about to change here at Hebrew Free Loan of Detroit, and we’re excited about that.
And while change can be a scary thing, we’re here to show you that in this case, it’s actually a really a good thing.  Because, since 1895, we’ve been providing members of the Jewish Community in Michigan with interest free loans. Ya, you heard us right, that’s Interest Free Loans. It’s Gemilut Chasidim (Ge-Mee-Lute Cha-Sa-Deem), or better known in English, Acts of Loving Kindness. It’s about helping members of our community, by allowing them to help themselves.

We do all this by providing those in need with interest free loans. So whether you’re starting a new business, paying your child’s tuition, or need some extra cash for a root canal, Hebrew Free Loan can help. And better yet, we want to help. That’s why we are pushing to get more people who may need us in our door. We’re invested in our community, and most importantly, our people.

So stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled! We’re going to be sharing our stories, as well as lots of information on other great initiatives that are going on in the community!