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Expanding HFL’s Camp Loans and for The Teen Mission

September 4th, 2013

Blog authored by: Sherri Ketai

A Hebrew Free Loan (HFL) interest-free loan can help families (that have financial need or may just not have the necessary cash-flow) to pay for summer camp experiences and for Israel travel.  This comes in VERY handy when a lump-sum deposit or final amount is due in the spring, and many families do not have the ability to make that deadline.  An HFL loan for a qualifying family (subject to a customized loan pay-off timeline) will allow them to pay back HFL over 12 months—without interest, of course.

As a newer Board member at HFL, I asked if the general Jewish community is aware of these loans and whether or not camps (besides Tamarack) are promoting this to their families.

We think that many overnight and day camps where Jewish kids regularly attend (in Michigan and throughout our region) are NOT AWARE and have never promoted this opportunity to their Michigan-based Jewish families.

This blog is the first step HFL will be taking to expand awareness to the following overnight camps: Tavor, Tamakwa, Tanuga, Interlochen, Ramah, GUCI, Walden, and Wooden Acres.  This is not an exhaustive list, but it is where we will be starting.

Summer day camps at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) and at many synagogues also serve families who may have difficulties in paying a lump-sum camp deposit.  HFL will reach out to remind all of these groups that their families also may be eligible for HFL summer camp loans.

Another amazing program in our community is the Israel Teen Mission of The Jewish Federation and many partnering synagogues.  This is an expensive but life-changing Israel experience for our Jewish teens, but again—many families may have a tough time meeting the cost to send their kids (even with scholarships that are available).  HFL can provide interest-free loan assistance that makes the Teen Mission a reality, as well.

HFL is expanding our horizons, so spread the word!

Expanding Directions – Camp, College and other Loan Programs

July 23rd, 2013

Blog Authored by Michael Berke and David Contorer

Hebrew Free Loan (HFL) is growing our loan programs and expanding awareness across the Jewish communities of Michigan.  We believe there are so many more people who could benefit from our interest-free loans for home repair, a used car, starting/ expanding a small business, paying for in-vitro fertilization and to cover hundreds of other living expenses.  HFL will always focus on safety-net service needs, where interest-free loans can provide these critical sources of support.  Beyond the safety net, HFL wants the community to know that the agency is here to help in so many other situations, as well.

In 2013 and beyond, there are some key areas where HFL will be growing our loan pool and publicizing to the community about our ability to help our Jewish community members to enhance their lives.

Summer camp experiences take many forms.  Jewish families in Michigan send their children to dozens of camps—some are day camps at the Jewish Community Center or at synagogues; some are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Israeli Jewish movement camps with a variety of programming; other camps are athletic or music-themed.  In all cases, these camps require significant fees to enroll your kids.  An HFL, interest-free, summer camp loan in the spring can allow a family to cover that cost (and pay back HFL over the course of the next 12 months).  This is a life-enhancing, cash-flow benefit that HFL intends to publicize and share with many more camps and families across our region.  Let us help your family send the kids to camp!

Interest-free loans for college and graduate school are so desperately needed across the U.S., and HFL will be stepping up to address those needs in Michigan’s Jewish community.  HFL will aggressively be expanding this loan program with more loan dollars and a robust marketing / outreach campaign and new technology to let hundreds more families know that we are here to help their students.

And speaking of ‘outreach,’ HFL’s Road Show is coming to a synagogue and Jewish organization near you!  We are not only sharing blogs and social media about our loans, but real, live HFL people are getting the word out to anyone who will listen that HFL is here to help you with our loans!  We will be at the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue in the fall (and at many other places to share the message).

HFL is growing our capacity and the awareness across Michigan’s Jewish community landscape that our agency is here to help, just like we’ve been doing for 118 years.