Hebrew Free Loan is up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic to help Jews across Michigan who face financial challenges with interest-free loans up to $10,000.

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Increase. Reuse. Recycle.

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The common phrase goes something like this, “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle”. When it comes to the green initiative, we support the saying, but when it comes to interest free loans, we like the phrase “Increase. Reuse. Recycle”. That’s because at Hebrew Free Loan, we’ve got a lot to to give. And one of the best things about our agency is that every dollar you give to a Hebrew Free Loan fund is recycled.

That doesn’t mean we put your money into a recycling bin, but in some ways, we do. That’s because every dollar that you donate to a loan fund, is essentially loaned out to a community member in need, and then repaid, and reused for the next loan cycle. It’s our program called the Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF). It’s a giving opportunity that enables our donors to give $25,000 or more, a donation that helps our agency build on our loan capital. As part of this gift, our donors receive an annual report of the loans made with their specific contributed dollars. As the loans are repaid, the dollars are then returned to the fund, and then loaned out, again, and again.

It’s the recycling power of your original gift that enables our agency to help individuals and families who need our assistance now. Even better, it provides us with the confidence to know that we can also provide them assistance in the future. In more ways than one, every dollar you donate to an ELF becomes a legacy gift. That’s because on average, every $1 you donate delivers $25 in loan capital, helping 25 individuals, or families, manage and cope with their financial stress. At Hebrew Free Loan, we’re proud to say that no other donation model can provide this kind of impact.

And while we’re talking about recycling our dollars, we think it’s also important to point out some agencies in Detroit that are greening our environment. We believe it’s equally as important to what we do, and we wanted to let you know that there are other great ways to get involved in your community. So check out some of the agencies below, and let us know how you plan on recycling this year!

  • The Greening of Detroit: The Greening’s mission is to guide and inspire others to create a ‘greener’ Detroit through planting and educational programs environmental leadership, advocacy, and by building community capacity.
  • Arts and Scraps: Arts & Scraps is a Detroit non-profit organization that uses recycled industrial materials to help people of all ages and abilities think, create and learn.
  • Green Garage: The Green Garage is actually three things: a building located in the Midtown area of Detroit, a business enterprise, and a community of people dedicated to Detroit’s sustainable future.
  • Next Energy: NextEnergy’s mission is to accelerate energy security, economic competitiveness, and environmental responsibility through the growth of advanced-energy technologies, businesses, and industries.
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