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Help for All – Project Chessed

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117 years ago, Hebrew Free Loan started providing interest free loans to members of the Jewish community. And while we’ve continued in this great tradition, we realize that there are people outside of our circle that need help too. That’s why we’ve established working relationships with other great organizations around the area, ones that can offer assistance to enhance our support.

So each week we are going to put the Spotlight on other amazing non profit agencies in Michigan. Typically, these are the agencies that we work in synergy, mainly referring those individuals who contact us who need direct services beyond what HFL provides. This week, we put the spotlight on Project Chessed, a program of Jewish Family Service, designed to provide medical assistance to members of our Jewish Community who are in need, as defined below:

Project Chessed: Connects the uninsured to physicians, to needed treatment, to institutions and prescription medications, to those who may otherwise go without care and needed medicines. They are a a nationally recognized award winning, access-to-care network for medically uninsured adults.

And while the number of uninsured adults and families keeps increasing as people lose their jobs and benefits, Project Chessed addresses this issue by connecting the uninsured to needed health care.  We believe that everyone should have access to health care regardless of financial status.

Project Chessed Care Coordinators work closely with each participant to all needed care including:

  • Physician office visits
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Access to prescriptions at local pharmacies and by mail through pharmaceutical company assistance programs
  • Prescription eyewear


Project Chessed is available to adults who are:

  • Medically uninsured
  • 19 – 64 years of age
  • Member of a Jewish household
  • Meet financial eligibility criteria

If you or someone you know is medically uninsured and in need or access to care, call Jewish Family Service’s Project Chessed at 248.592.2313 or complete their Contact Us form.

Have you worked with or benefitted from Project Chessed? Or do you know other great programs in our area? Let us know with your comments below.

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