Evergreen Legacy Fund


One family – three generations of ELF supporters.

The Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF) is a powerful giving opportunity that enables a donor to help our agency build its Loan Capital Fund. Donations are used to provide interest-free loans to our Jewish community members who have nowhere else to turn.

Each Evergreen Legacy Fund is established in the donor’s name with a contribution or pledge of $25,000 or more paid in annual installments over a period of no more than five years. Those funds from each individual donor’s ELF are used to grant loans to support all types of needs. As the loans are repaid, those payments are recycled, and loaned out again.

At HFL we track the flow of each donation, generating a unique annual report which details how ELF funds are used. Donors can then see the impact of their generosity, while the borrower’s identity and dignity remain protected.

The unique ELF recycling model provides an average loan amount of $5,000. With your ELF donation of $25,000, you can essentially provide loans for up to five people in the first year. By year ten, that original $25,000 will have been repaid and re-loaned again, potentially generating $110,000 in loans for those who need it most. That’s a return on your donation of 440%.

No other donation model provides this kind of impact. Your gift to HFL becomes a legacy gift, providing help and hope for generations to come.

Please call us at 248-723-8184 to discuss an Evergreen Legacy Fund.